Friday, February 21, 2014

The socialists won the fight or did they?

After being closed for over a year, the Emergency Health Service in Bigastro will reopen on March 1st.

The President of the Health Council and mayor of Almoradí, Antonio Ángel Hurtado, made the announcement in a press conference yesterday. The night services in Almoradí, Algorfa, Daya Nueva and  Albatera will also be restored.

The news was welcomed by the mayors of these communities along with the mayors of Benejúzar and Jacarilla who share the facilities at Bigastro. Hurtado said that the reason for the change if heart was due to the improved economic situation in Area 21 rather than the pressure put upon them by socialist demonstrations. 

Hurtado went on to strongly criticize the demonstrations led by the PSOE in Bigastro along with the accusations that Charo Bañuls  had shown no interest in restoring the service which he described as being an “adjustment” rather than a “cut”. The mayor of Benejúzar, Antonio Bernabé joined in by accusing the PSOE of promoting a “catastrophic apocalypse” in their protests.  

It should come as no surprise that PP mayors tried to make a political point out of the announcement, using the occasion to damn the socialist party’s actions in this affair. At least Raul can put his banner away now, the fight is over.

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