Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carrera de cintas

The concept is simple. You wrap ribbons around bobbins and thread them onto a wire which is stretched high across the road. The ribbons have a plastic ring a the end which hangs down.

Contestants have a tapered wooden peg which they use to drag the ribbons off the bobbins. The thing is, they have to do this whilst riding a horse or bicycle (in the case of Bigastro it is a bike).

Each of the ribbons has the name of one of the fiesta queens or their maids of honour printed on it. Win a ribbon and then exchange it for the sash that the young ladies wear.

As you might imagine, it is an advantage to be tall but even then you need to stand on the pedals to have a chance of poking that peg through the tiny plastic ring.

Some make life easier by having a young lady or boy stand on the carrier at the back of the bike to gain height but of course they then have to balance a bike which is very much top heavy.

It was all great fun and of course you can find my photos in the album section of the left hand sidebar. 

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