Friday, August 15, 2014

Damn, missed it!

Pam and I are regular followers of the band and so we were looking forward to last night's concert for San Joaquin.

We set off down to the town in time to grab some good seats but it was raining and we knew the concert would not take place in the rain. Just to be sure, we circled the town square twice and sure enough the seats were empty with a handful of people sheltering from the rain along with the band members.

Perhaps the concert would be postponed or maybe cancelled altogether, there was no way of knowing which and no sign of the rain abating. We therefore took the decision to go for supper to the house of the fiesta queen instead. We were intending to go there after the concert anyway, this way we would be earlier than expected.

When we got to the house, they were hurriedly dismantling the tables set out in the street and re-assembling inside.

At about 12pm, those that had braved the weather and stayed for the concert arrived. That meant the concert was postponed after all and we missed it.

I do apologise to the band committee for the fact I have no photos to show them. Hopefully someone will have taken some shots to show for the splendid work of the musicians.

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