Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top marks to the committee

Each year the Fiesta Committee try to find something different to amuse us and this year it was the Fiesta Taurino. Think of the Fiesta de San Fermin at Pamplona and you have the idea.

First the bulls ran through the streets with the crowd whacking them with rolled up newspapers. Eventually, the bulls arrived at the Plaza de Toros for the corrida. The bulls entered the arena first followed by the band. Then the fiesta queens were invited to fight one of the bulls. Next up it was the turn of the Fiesta Committee to face a toro bravo. Children of various ages were allowed into the ring to take their turns. As things got messy, an ambulance arrived just to cause more chaos.

And yes, there was a van loaded up with granizado to refresh those that needed it. 

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 KW5D1040  KW5D1055
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Fiesta Taurino (79 of 89) Fiesta Taurino (83 of 89)

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