Monday, August 11, 2014

Late as usual

Nobody believes any more that the crazy cars will start at the allotted time. When it says 10am, read more like 11am.

Still there was great support for the event with most standing or sitting in the shade on what was a sweltering day.

Down the hill came a Ferrari, the Red Baron in his biplane, a railway engine, a pink Citroen with nuns, the Pink Panther, the fire brigade, Dora the explorer and a barnyard of hens.

Last year, one of the spectators suffered a broken leg when a runaway car hit them. This year, the injured person and friends appeared wearing T-shirts with the logo “Dangerous Curve”.

The fire fighters were the fastest down the course. The Sor Citroen won the prize for most original, the Ferrari came second.  The Corral de la Pacheca was awarded two hams and Dora won a ham for being the funniest car on the course.

My photos can be seen by clicking on the link in the sidebar. Be warned though, one of the nuns wore something very rude under her habit.

PS There are very few spectators in my photos. If you want to see pictures with the crowd in the background, then go the the newspaper Informacion and Tony Sevilla’s photos.

PPS Tony is the bearded photographer in the blue T-shirt that appears in some of my pictures. As you can see, he had to stand in the sweltering heat – that is the price of being a pro!

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