Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some like it hot

As the comedian, Peter Kay said, “ I like it hot but not this hot”.

Weeks ago we had a heat wave right at the start of the fiesta and it was draining. The night of the coronation, Pam and I were down in the park to take photographs and by the end my shirt collar was wringing wet.

Since then the temperatures have been more moderate, still too hot to spend much time outside working but bearable if you engage in light activity.


Untitled-1 That is due to change today as the area is on yellow alert for high temperatures between midnight and 6pm
 Untitled-2 Some parts of the coast will see temperatures of 38 and inland that could easily rise to 39.

The advice is to stay in well ventilated areas, minimise exposure to the sun, wear light coloured clothing, drink lots of water and only eat light food.

  Not a good day to take up jogging or decide to do major work in the garden!

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