Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The town has gone to sleep

Following a week of hard partying, Bigastro has gone to sleep. Pam and I went down yesterday afternoon to pick up my prescription. It seemed that the pharmacy on Purisima was about the only place open, that and the lottery shop. I wanted some tobacco but that shop was closed for the afternoons, only open mornings until 2:30pm.

We also wanted some paint to touch up the garden walls and so drove on towards Orihuela and TKrom which was also closed. The sign in the window told us they were only open mornings for the whole of August.

To be fair, I don’t blame them. By afternoon, it is really too hot to be working and in any case, there are very few customers about. Mostly they are all down on the coast enjoying a day on the beach as you will find if you try and park nearby. The beaches are covered in umbrellas with barely a space between them.  This is August and Spain is on holiday!

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