Sunday, August 10, 2014

Phew – made it!

I’d arranged to go to the house of this year’s fiesta queen at 8pm last night to take some photos of her before she left to take part in the coronation. I was armed with my bag full of cameras and lenses along with a reflector, light stand and soft box ready for an impromptu photo session. I scouted out the patio area at the back of the house as a good location and was prepared to set up the light stand and soft box to take some nice full length and close up portraits.

Patricia though was still with the hairdresser/make-up artist preparing herself. I knew that time was going to be short when it got to 9pm and there was still no sign of the young lady. When she finally arrived, all hell let loose. Patricia quickly changed into her dress and I clipped my flashgun onto the camera with my trusty StoFen to grab whatever shots I could get inside the house.

Although the pictures are not what I was hoping for, they do show an elegant young lady, confident, self assured and happy to be this year’s Queen for the local fiesta. I just hope that her mother likes them.

Having grabbed half a dozen or so shots, Pam and I hot footed down to the park to try and grab seats to take my pictures of the proceedings.

Due to changes that have been made for this year, the seats next to the catwalk on the right were all reserved and those on the left were all taken. Luckily my neighbour Eli spotted me and allowed us to take two of the reserved seats. As it happened they were possibly the most inconvenient seats we could find because the accompanying young men all had to pass by in front of me. Although it looked like chaos back stage, up front everything seemed to go without a hitch.

Thankfully, I managed to get most of the shots that I wanted as you can see from the album in the left hand sidebar.

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