Saturday, February 28, 2015

A bunch of porkers

The anticorruption prosecutor, Paul Romero is seeking 12 years disqualification from office for four past members of the Orihuela council, Antonio Rodríguez Barberá, José Antonio Aniorte, Manuel Abadía and Antonio Rodríguez Murcia (all PP).

The original complaint, which was lodged by Antonia Moreno for the PSOE,  was about the awarding of contracts to the two companies owned by Angel Fenoll – Proambiente and Colsur.

Over 1.9m euros of contracts were awarded for work on the coast including rubbish collection, cleaning and removal of seaweed. None of the contracts had been budgeted for nor had they been approved. They were paid for by using credit from the bank which of course involved interest payments.

The prosecutor also believes that Aniorte Romero and Rodriguez Murcia  were guilty of fractioning contracts to avoid having to go to tender. He quotes the example of three contracts for road works singed by Aniorte  that were in reality one and eight contracts for street lighting signed by Rodriguez Murcia that were all related.

Corruption in Spain was not related to one party or another. Whichever party was in power made no difference, they still had their “snouts in the trough”.

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