Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Rock n Roll in Bigastro

10978617_399479886894037_7765087169509200803_nPut on your beetle crushers, drape jacket, brocade waistcoat,  drainpipe trousers, slick back your hair in a duck’s arse quiff and head down to the Cafe Pub La Caja Tonto for a night of nostalgia. Ladies will need a wide flared skirt, plenty of petticoats and most important – nylon stockings with bobby socks to take part.

The Spitfires are a self proclaimed rock and roll group who relive the days before the Beatles and flower power took over the music scene.

Entrance is free and it all kicks off at 11pm on Friday 13th. 

PS There will likely be "a whole lotta shakin goin on". "Tally ho" chaps, chocks away".

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