Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making a fool of me

Local people who read my blog may be wondering what happened to the strong wind that was forecast for yesterday into today. Well, both AEMET and Meteo Orihuela forecasted it and both say that it could still be windy today. A yellow alert is in place for the coast where high waves can be expected.

Although I  hate to contradict the experts,I have to say the wind yesterday was no more than a breeze and it still looks calm out there this morning.

What both AEMET and Meteo Orihuela did get right was the rain which remained constant for much of the day although it was never in the form of a downpour. As we would say in Yorkshire, it was more like a “weating* drizzle”.

Looking forward to Saturday and the mini fiesta, the forecasts are for partial cloud, maybe a light shower, moderate wind and a high temperature of 14 or 19 depending who you think is right. Then again, it could be freezing cold, windy as hell and raining “cats and dogs”, I hope not!

* Yorkshire pronunciation of wetting.

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