Monday, February 16, 2015

Belief in the power of prayer


San Emigdio is the Co-patron saint of Torrevieja.

Every year during the first week of August, a host of events are held around a festivity in his hounour, with the most important act being the Solemn Procession with the image of the Saint that is worshipped in the Parque de Naciones chapel.

Why is there such veneration for this saint?

It is said that San Emigdio managed to save the Italian city of Ascoti Piceno from a violent earthquake in 1703. He is therefore regarded as the protector against such events which is why he is held in such esteem in both Torrevieja and Almoradi both of which were flattened by an earthquake in 1829.


The Castrum Altum Association in Catral requested that the sarcophagus containing the remains of San Emigdio be brought to Spain from Ascoti Piceno.

Yesterday, after traditional Mass in the Immaculada church, Torrevieja, worshipers were brought forward to kiss the relic.

Earthquakes are a natural phenomena which nobody can control. In fact, we can’t even predict when they are going to happen and what force they will be. Invoking the power of prayer may be our only resort to preventing another major earthquake in this area. Let us hope that it works.   

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