Thursday, February 05, 2015

It’s bloody cold here

I am not normally obsessed with the weather but, just of late it has been quirky to say the least.

The strong wind that hampered the Medieval Market is still with us and could last until the weekend. Add to that the wave of cold air that is coming down from Russia and we have a weird combination of sunshine and cold air. On the plus side, the air coming down is dry so there is little threat of rain or even further snow in high places.

Looking at the forecast, the cold spell is set to stay with us and get worse over the weekend when the low temperature could hit zero with a high of 10 degrees. From then, it should get better but not much – a high of 13-14 is not something we are used to even in winter. Admittedly, that is better than the high of 5 degrees forecast for Manchester but then we are almost 1050 miles or 1700 kilometres south.

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