Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brilliant effort

We have to thank the Comisión de Fiestas, the  concejala de Cultura and all who took part in yesterday’s Medio Año Festero. It proved to be a huge success, one which we hope will be repeated in future years.

Although we gave the charanga and El Tío del Tractor a miss, Pamela and I went  to the park for the paella.The comparsas had long tables set out and arrived with bags and baskets full of food and drinks. Around the outside of the carpa were tables and chairs for the general public – it was all very civilised. There was plenty of paella for all and even seconds for those who wanted them.

You can see my album of photos at

At about 7pm, the comparsas took part in a parade along Calle Purisima which was both colourful and amusing. They were followed by the Asociación de Carretilleros. These are the people who go into the cage at the end of the Fiesta in August and set off the loud fireworks that are laden into shopping trolleys.

You can see my album of photos from the parade at

We did explain to them that setting off fireworks in the street in that way would not be permitted in Britain under any circumstances. If you look closely at my pictures, you can see that some of the people taking part didn’t even wear gloves. However, nobody was hurt – I did have noise in my ears for several hours afterwards though and could smell the sulphur in my nostrils.

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