Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Market was open for business

When I looked out of the window yesterday morning and saw it raining, my first thought was “thank God we went to the Medieval Market on Friday”. Within an hour though, the rain had stopped, the sun came out and even the blasted wind dropped.

The strong wind, that troubled the market on Friday, did pick back up and in fact gusts of 90km per hour were recorded by 3pm. Following that, the wind calmed down so that by 11pm it was no more than a strong breeze.

So what about the market then?

I  read this morning that the rain only delayed the opening by half an hour and then it was business as usual. The rain did put off the early crowds who were thin on the ground but as the day progressed, so the people came out. And there was plenty for them to see as had been promised including dancers, fire jugglers, knife acts and lots of animals. The food stalls would have been popular, perhaps more so than those selling various crafts.

If you haven’t been already, today is the last day. It promises to be sunny, windy this morning but calmer by the afternoon. Be aware though, Sunday does tend to be the most crowded of the three days. 

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