Saturday, August 11, 2007

All a bit high tech.

THE DGT traffic department will be issuing Guardia Civil traffic officers with new technology in October so that they can report traffic violations immediately to a central computing system.

After completing trials on the hand-held PRIDE (Programa de Informatizacíon de Denuncias) devices in the province of Segovia, DGT officials said that as from 2008 the same equipment will be used nationwide.

PRIDE units will allow Guardia Civil officers to report traffic offences on the spot and motorists who are fined can pay using a credit card thanks to the units’ magnetic band reader.

Officers will also have immediate access to the driver and vehicles details and records on the PRIDE unit screen, information which is currently only available by radio contact with head offices.

The units will be connected to the central computer system via a global positioning system operated by a major mobile phone company.

I hope the signal is better than we get on our mobile phones!

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