Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We might end up drunk

Dave was kind enough to further my education into English beers when we stayed in Sale. So when Dave comes here in September I will return the complement by introducing him to some Spanish cervezas.

Of course we will walk down into the town to sample the draught beers but it is likely to be hot and the walk takes twenty minutes. So we will also do some sampling here in our casa.

Most people will have heard of San Miguel because it is readily available in England but it isn't the only cerveza on the block. In any case the San Miguel sold in England is brewed there by Scottish Newcastle.

We will be looking for the genuine article and may well take in Cruzcampo, Estrella Damm, Volt Damm and Mahou on the way.

In cans and bottles we will concentrate on the excellent Steinberg range marketed by Mercadona.

First off will be the Clásica (Alc. 4.8% Vol.) Pale blonde in colour with a light and refreshing flavour.

Then the 100% Malta (Alc. 5.5% Vol.) Gold in colour, it is described as being Central European in character.

Progressing on to Tosatada (Alc. 6.6% Vol.) Gold in colour, strong and with a distinct aroma of toasted malt.

We will take in the Especial (Alc. 5.6% Vol.) A beer of perfect blend, smooth but bitter with a good creamy head.

And my favourite; the Extra (Alc. 8.1% Vol.) With the colour of old gold this beer has a pronounced flavour - dry and strong a bit like barley wine.

If we can find it we'll sample the Negra (Alc. 5.6% Vol.) A black beer with a large creamy white head. It has a strong flavour of toasted malt.

It promises to be an interesting task for us, one which I hope Dave will enjoy.

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