Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A real struggle

It has taken Telefonica nearly three months to connect all the people who wanted phones. Some were easy; just pull the cable through from the junction box in the road to the box outside the house and then through to the house, connect up the phone and test the line. Half an hour and the job was finished.

In some cases though the tube that carried the pull through was partially blocked which made installing the cable difficult. In one case the box outside the house had been covered with paving rather than a Telefonica box.

Inevitable some people just gave up and opted for an alternative but not Mel and Lilian. They had had a pool built which involved re-routing the tube the cable had to go through. In the process of completing the pool the tube had been squashed and pulling the cable through seemed impossible. Telefonica tried to get the cable through but nothing would budge. Undeterred Mel worked out where the blockage was and took up the paving stones that covered it. Once he had the tube clear, a good dose of liquid soap and plenty of heaving saw the cable safely in his house. A quick call to Telefonica brought an astonished engineer out ready to connect his phone and more important his ADSL router.

A great result for Mel and Lilian. Welcome to the world of communication!!

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