Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dirty stuff

It never cleared up at all yesterday. Dark clouds punctuated by heavy rain persisted all day. This morning is dry and a little brighter but still not August like. At least we will be able to get outside though.

It looks like we have a big clean up job on our hands because the rain, which came over from Africa, brought with it a thick layer of dust. All the outdoor furniture and the terracing not to mention the car are covered in it. So after breakfast it is a hose down job before we start treading the stuff into the house.

With any luck most of the dust that fell on the pool will have been trapped by the filter but I dare say that the bottom will need a thorough clean anyway.

We are planning to go out for lunch. By then we will probably deserve it.

Looking at the forecast for tomorrow it looks like Summer is going to return at least for southern Spain.

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