Friday, August 17, 2007

Hasta 2008

Since the 1960s San Joaquin has been taken round the town on a wheeled cart. This year though he had a paso to travel on and was carried on the shoulders of costaleros. The 900 kgm paso took two teams of 40 men and women from the Cofradía de San Joaquín carrying 23kgms each. The cofrade, Aurelio Murcia explained that "Taking it to shoulders, the procession is more intimate and more religious".

However it nearly didn't happen. On Wednesday, when the Cofradia were practising , they dropped the figure as they were lifting it onto the throne. Speedy work by the restorers though meant that San Joaquin was like new again by last night.

The candlelight procession that accompanied his journey took two hours because of the number of people involved. It is estimated that over 3,000 people joined in the procession. Finally San Joaquin was delivered safely back to the town square. Following the most amazing firework display, the patron saint was then returned into the church until next year.

¡Viva San Joaquin!

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