Friday, August 10, 2007

My little poll

Many thanks to those who voted. You can see the results on the left.

No. 1 The pace of life is certainly much slower here than it is in the UK. Mostly that is a good thing except when you are dealing with bureaucracy! Generally people don't look as harassed as they do in the UK. Probably the climate has a lot to do with that.

No 2 Apparently the cost of living is not as cheap as it was say ten years ago. Whilst somethings are surprisingly cheap, others seem to be on par with prices in the UK. We live here on a lot less money than had in England.

Joint no. 3 We like the weather here. We love the fact that you can live outside for most of the year. For us, pottering about in the garden, lazing on a sunbed and having a dip in the pool is the perfect way of life. For others though July and August are just too hot and we understand that. It is certainly not a good time of the year to have to work outdoors.

Joint no. 3 We love the way Bigastrense sit outside their houses at night watching the world go by. It is a sign that family life is still very important here in Spain. You often see several generations of families eating out or just going for a walk together. We've never witnessed binge drinking nor anti social behavior in Bigastro. In fact we've never seen a Spaniard drunk out on the streets. On the whole we find the people very friendly and helpful.

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