Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clever stuff

The hospital at Torrevieja is recognised as being technologically advanced which is why it received a prestigious Microsoft award last year for its innovative database system.

In October, Torrevieja hospital went one step further in its use of technologies by introducing a system of text alerts to doctors.

The problem to be addressed was how to cope with the wide fluctuations in the town’s population. At the peak of the holiday season, the number of residents can double which puts a strain on the hospitals ability to cope with emergencies.

What the hospital needed was a system that could monitor the number of emergencies and the seriousness of the patients conditions in the A&E department and then respond if the situation became critical.

The new system, dubbed Florence after a British patient, counts the number of patients seeking attention and divides this by the number of staff on call. If the result exceeds the limits whereby optimum quality of care can be guaranteed, it sends a text message to the head of the department.

The department head then must assess the situation and if he accepts help is required, the message is then sent on to volunteer staff members, who phone to confirm their availability.

This is obviously one instance where using your mobile phone for text messaging in hospital is allowed!

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