Friday, January 15, 2010

A strong blow

The wind yesterday, which affected the whole of the Comunitat Valenciana, was at its worst in the Valencia province where speeds reached 120 kms per hour. It was apparently the worst storm the region has experienced in the last twenty years - since February 1989 in fact.

The main problems seem to have been with billboards collapsing, in one case at least - onto parked cars. There were also reports of the facades of buildings and cornices coming down and problems with traffic lights, lampposts and awnings.

Quite a few trees suffered including the 40 year old cypress trees by the cathedral in Valencia. There were also reports that a school had to be closed when the 15m high pine trees in the grounds were toppled by the wind.

The people who were most inundated with calls were TV aerial and satellite dishes installers. I imagine there were quite a few of those either blown down or dislodged by the wind.

The good news is that it is a lot calmer this morning.

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