Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warmer but wetter

The average temperature for  last year in Torrevieja was 23.6 degrees Celsius  which represents an increase of 1 degree since records began in 1964. The total rainfall for the year was 472 litres per square metre. The only years on record  since 1960 with higher rainfall were 1989 with 728.7 litres and 1973 with 559 litre.

The rainiest month in Torrevieja is normally October with an average of 41.8 litres. The rainiest month on record though was September 1989 when 309.7 litres of rain fell in just one night. For last year it was December that brought the greatest amount of rain with 102 litres.

The rains in September and December will have reduced the salt harvest in the lagoons. The salt company say that average production of 700,000 tons per year will not be met this last year.

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