Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Back on the drawing board

The planned work for the CV-95 that connects Orihuela with the coast is back on the drawing board.

The original plan was scrapped when the companies that were given the green light ran into financial problems.

The new project has been modified to take account of the environmental impact of the work. It looks like the plan now is to widen the existing road to two lanes in each direction.

In 2007, the deal was that the company that were awarded the contract would pay for the work up front and would recover their investment by collecting tolls over the next 30 years. Whether that is still to be the case I could not say.

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dottymc said...


Just reading your blogg regarding the CV95, my father a retired Huddersfield Police Sergeant died at the junction of the CV95 and CV945 on 22 September an accident which left mum critically injured, but who is now astonishingly recovering slowly. Are the works to include that junction?