Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a difference it has made

The campaign to clean up graffiti in Torrevieja has made a great difference to how the city looks.

Work started in January 2010 to tackle this problem and since then, 8,826 items of graffiti have been removed cleaning up almost 24 kilometres of walls. I dare say there is more to be done but at least you can now see the results of their labour in many of the streets.

Let us hope all this effort has not been in vain and that the buildings remain graffiti free.

Now I appeal to the council in Bigastro to follow the lead that Torrevieja has taken. The problem here is nowhere near as bad as it was in Torrevieja but it is still there. Our town would look a lot nicer without the ugly paintwork that spoils parts of it.

PS I don’t know who VF is but he certainly wasn’t in my art class!

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