Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A very busy trip

be Pam and I are used to a very peaceful life. We get up when we are want and go out when we are ready. After years of working life when time was not always our own. we enjoy our relaxed existence in Spain.

Trips to England are always hectic though. There is so much to fit into the short time we have, so many people to see and business to attend to.

From when we touched down at Manchester it has been a whirlwind of activity – today should be calmer and then tomorrow we fly home.

So what have been the highlights so far:-

Number one of course is to see our family and especially our granddaughter, Molly.

Joint number two has to Laura and Dave getting engaged and the wedding we attended on Sunday.

As I have said the engagement was a bolt out of the blue. I knew it was going to happen because Dave had asked me if he could marry Laura when they were over in summer but I had no idea when he had in mind.

The wedding we did know about. We’ve been looking forward to it for months now – ever since we were invited in fact.

Pete and Laura could not have picked a better day or venue for their wedding. Rawton Hall is such a perfect location in every way but is even better when the sun shines as it did on Sunday.

The ceremony was delightful, the guests were such good company and the meal was to die for. I took loads and loads of photos which hopefully Pete and Laura will enjoy.

Now for today we are going to see Pamela’s father and sort out a few loose ends on the sale of his house. Then tomorrow back to Sale to drop off the things we can’t bring back to Spain and home for a rest.

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Maz said...

Well it's raining in London at the moment. I hope the weather is a bit better up your end of the country.

Bit of a shock when you are tied to time again though!

Safe journey home.