Friday, October 01, 2010

More words for my vocabulary

This last week, I learnt that “huelga” means strike. Today I have added a couple more words to my vocabulary. I already knew that “estafa” meant fraud; I can now add to that “delito” which means crime, “cohecho” which means a bribe and “auto” which is a court order.

It is the PP who are coming under fire and Francisco Camps, President of the Valencian Autonomous Government  in particular. As if he was not in enough trouble already, Camps is now being linked to the Gürtel case along with other high ranking members of the party. In total there are five cases under investigation including:  possible illegal financing of the PP in the 2008 election campaign, fiscal crime, against public property and falsification.

You do begin to wonder if there are any “clean” politicians at all in Spain!

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