Monday, October 11, 2010

That is terrible

Will says about the new terminal at  El Altet:-

It should be good when it opens. My fear is, however, that prices in the terminal will go up. Some catering outlets charge extortionate prices, in excess of those at Gatwick or Heathrow. For example, take 'Food Court'. On 15 Sept 2010 I (stupidly?) paid the following:
2 x Atun sandwiches=9.70
2 x Cokes=6.20
2 x patatas fritas=7.40
TOTAL 23.30 Euros. At an exchange rate of 1.15 Euros to the £ this works out at exactly £20.
Shocking, really. A coke =£2.70. The most I've paid in an UK airport is £2.
I always say I will never buy food again at El Altet, but if you are delayed for 3 hours you get hungry!

I must confess, I’ve never bought much more than a cafe con leche at Alicante. I have bought bottles of brandy there though and they seem to be similarly priced to those you would find in a supermarket.

Having said that, when we dropped Laura and Molly off, we did buy a bottle of Sprite from the vending machine in departures which cost a whopping 3 Euros – three times the price you would pay in a shop. 

By contrast, I bought a watch at Manchester airport and saved £28 on the high street prices. It is swings and roundabouts when you shop at airports.

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