Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Try harder

imageThis is the second attempt by someone to extort money from me by claiming that I have made an error in my tax return to the US Government.

1. I clearly don’t make payments to US Federal tax so sorry but you have got the wrong person in the wrong country.

2. Read the message though and you will find 32 spelling mistakes. Clearly the author does not have a UK dictionary spell checker.

3. The message originates from Russia

This one is definitely for the spam bin but I did receive an email earlier this week purporting to be from NatWest which did look a lot more authentic. Knowing that NatWest would never ask me to verify my login details in an email, I ignored it. It would have been easy to be fooled into following the link to the author’s bogus site though only to find that my account had been mysteriously drained of money.

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