Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It should come as no surprise

As good as he might be on the pitch, I find it hard to admire Wayne Rooney as a person. Setting aside his personal life, many Merseysiders remember how he declared that he would never leave Everton. That was until he got a better offer to join Manchester United.

Now he is upset with his manager at Old Trafford because he is not being played as much as he would like. More to the point he is rumoured to be demanding £200,000 a week to renew his contract which I am sure is way more than his boss at United is prepared to pay. So Mr Rooney is apparently contemplating a move to another club but which one?

I dare say there are plenty of clubs that would like to have him on their books but very few who could afford him. Talk is that the favourite at the moment is Manchester City who do have the cash to pay for his transfer and seem to be be prepared to meet his wage demands. If that happens he will need an armed guard to accompany him to local derby matches.

There has been mention of a Spanish club but it is unlikely that Rooney’s wife Coleen will countenance a move to the sun. She will be reluctant to be parted from her 12-year-old sister, Rosie, who suffers from the brain disorder Rett syndrome and whose condition worsened in the week after newspaper allegations appeared of Rooney having a relationship with a prostitute.

I do find it hard to believe that any football player, no matter how good they might be, can be worth £200,000 a week. I can’t help but feel that things were much better when they were paid something closer to the normal sort of wages that any working man might earn. At least then they did not try to rise above themselves in the endless pursuit of greed. They might have driven Ford Cortinas and lived in ordinary houses but they still scored goals and won matches.

Good luck to Mr Rooney, I hope you get what you deserve which isn’t £200,000 a week.

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Pete said...

He does seem to be being a bit daft. When he left Everton for United he was young and stupid, and though his decision to join one of the biggest clubs in the world made lots of career sense the manner in which he did it was not clever.

But now he's grown up a lot, and he should be grateful that Ferguson is prepared to stand by him and understand that people have bad patches. Sure, he can leave, but where is going to do better than United?

If his mind is made up then I hope United see a few quid back for him. Whilst the Everton fans despise what they perceive as the 'treachery', the fact remains that we needed the money more than we needed Wayne.

Good luck to them all. :)