Friday, October 08, 2010

The figures for 2010

Having finished a rough draft of the municipal budgets for 2010, the mayor has taken the  opportunity to lodge his complaints at the way the town has suffered because of the way it has been financed. He is particularly critical of the way that the Valencian Autonomous Government and the Provincial Delegation reduced its subsidies to the town for local projects. 

Determined not to reduce essential welfare services that the town hall provides, the budget will show an overspent of 350,000 Euros. This is in spite of cutting spending in many areas to a minimum.

The mayor says that there are still further savings to be made notably in the cost of public lighting by adopting a more efficient model and savings to be made in the use of municipal vehicles.  However, he says that the council are determined not to make reductions in the welfare system nor in education.

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