Thursday, October 21, 2010

True to character

Well, well, well -Wayne Rooney has really set the cat amongst the pigeons. In March he was saying that he would end his career with United and now he has all but left. It is possible that he will never play for United again and may be allowed to transfer to another club in January.

Rooney questions whether, under the Glazers, United will ever be able to attract good players to the team. He believes that will inevitable mean their run of success will come to an end. Rooney does not want to be there if that happens.

As his parting shot he added, "I know I will always owe Sir Alex a huge debt. He is a great manager and mentor who has helped and supported me from the day he signed me from Everton when I was only 18. For United's sake I wish he could go on forever because he's a one-off and a genius." That is a nice tribute but it won’t cut ice with either Sir Alex or the fans.

Rooney may have a point about the fate of United but I’m sure the prospect of a £260,000 a week pay packet at Eastlands has more to do with his ambitions to move to the other side of Manchester.

Wayne Rooney’s form has not been that good lately; his value has diminished since the World Cup, where he appeared unfit and out of sorts and he has not scored a goal from open play in seven months. It may be that it isn’t United that are on the wan Wayne – it might just be you. I hope whichever club gets him doesn’t find themselves with a lemon.

As for Sir Alex: quote, "They look in a field and see a cow and they think it's a better cow than the one in their own field, and it never really works out that way." I think you mean - the grass is always looks greener on the "udder" side.

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