Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloomin lovely

IMG_9476aYesterday, we took Jemma to Murcia for the day. At 2.20 Euros each on the train, it was hardly going to break the bank and certainly wasn’t worth taking the car for.

On our way up to the Cathedral we passed the Glorieta de España where these geraniums provided a splash of red for my camera.

We had morning coffee with crepes and then made our way to the Salzillo museum.

Next stop was the Bullfighting museum which is housed in the Association of Bullfighters.

Having absorbed ourselves in the history of bullfighting, it was time for lunch so we made our way to the Plaza San Domingo where the menú del día was more than sufficient to keep us going.

By this time, the shops were closed so we took a leisurely stroll along the river and then headed back to the railway station.

En route we were stopped by three different people who asked us if we were English. When we told them we were, they were delighted and took the opportunity to try out their command of the language. They were surprised and equally delighted when we told them we lived in Spain in nearby Bigastro and  kindly told us that our Spanish was good. 

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