Friday, March 25, 2011

Just be aware

After a couple of years without any break ins on the estate, I am now told that there was an incident this afternoon where a house was broken into and the thieves got away with an assortment of items. Although the neighbours were at home at the time, none of them recalled seeing or hearing anything untoward.

It is possible that we have become complacent and have stopped taking the security measures that we did a couple of years ago when there was a series of break-ins. The security gates, expensive locks and burglar alarms that people had fitted will only work when they use them. Leaving lights on and a radio when we are out are simple precautions that we have been advised to take.

What we don’t want, is a further spate of burglaries on the estate; it unsettles people and makes them fearful of going out.

None of us came here to live in fear.

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