Sunday, March 20, 2011

Que supresa

Yesterday was Father’s Day here in Spain. To celebrate, the Unión Musical and the Banda Juvenil de Bigastro put on a special concert for us.

First off we had the junior band who were just wonderful. It was a difficult programme for them to play but Adrian, their new director took them through it flawlessly.
Then we had the main band from the town who played to their usual magnificent standard.

As a delightful touch, the members of the band went into the audience to give their respective father’s a gift before going onto the stage to play.

Now for the surprise: Emilio Saez, the President of the Unión Musical de Bigastro made a speech prior to his retirement from the post in which he thanked those people who had contributed to the success of the band and in that speech he included yours truly for my work taking photographs.

I was both surprised and delighted in equal measure. Many thanks Emilio, you made my Father’s Day very special.

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