Thursday, March 31, 2011

A novel idea

Someone called Brad has contacted me after reading my blog with the following message:

Hi Keith, I'm Brad, I'm contacting you because you are a Brit in Bigastro, Spain! :) We've created a new car rental company in Spain, Brit Car Hire, the one and only specialized in right-hand-drive cars. We need all the support and love we could get from the expat community in Spain, because we're launching this summer and we're small and new. That's another reason I'm contacting you.

Right-Hand drive cars for Spanish roads? Sounds crazy. Well, it is. But it also makes a lot of sense. We thought of all the British drivers that are having a really hard time adapting to the roads in Spain on small trips, for example on a six or seven day holiday. We created Brit Car Hire so that they can enjoy more pleasant drives and better holidays.

The idea is strange and different, we know. But before launching we've done studies, to evaluate what we could do to help British drivers (and Irish and Australian) to drive more comfortably on Spanish roads. That's why we've included alerts to help drive in roundabouts, remind what mirror is most important and what lane to drive in. We've also adapted the cars so that the headlights and other items are perfectly adapted to Spanish roads, since the cars we provide have been directly imported from the UK. (please visit Brit Car Hire Benefits to for more detail)

If you want more information, please drop me a line and it will be a pleasure to reply. I know that your blog is personal, but we'd be very happy and very grateful if you could give us a hand mentioning us, it is a very different idea and it would be great if the people that follow your blog could get to know it.

Best regards, and congratulations for your blog,


It is true that it can take a while to adapt to a left hand drive car especially if you have driven a right hand drive car for some time.

For example, when I first tried a left hand drive hire car for a few days, I was constantly hitting the door with my left hand as I went to change gear.

Strangely enough, when I take a hire car in England now, I adapt back to changing gear with my left hand without a problem - I suppose it is because it is deeply ingrained in my memory to do so.

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