Monday, March 21, 2011


A very good friend of Pamela told her that, now we are retired we should aim to do just one thing each day. Well that rule was broken yesterday because there was so much going on.

First off we went down to the town to see the classic cars which stretched along both Calle Purisima and in the area around. There were lots of Seats as you might expect but there were plenty of other marques as well: German, American, French, British and Italian along with some interesting motor bikes.

You can see my photos here.

Having snapped away at the cars, we then sauntered down to the flea market in the park. This had been organised by the Association that helps families with Alzheimer suffers in the town. It is an excellent cause well worthy of support. I was pleased to be asked to take photos for them which I shall pass onto my neighbour Eladia (she is the lady on the left in the group photo).

IMG_9365a IMG_9371a
IMG_9363a IMG_9368a

Having returned home for a meal, we headed back down to watch the concert which featured the Juvenile Band from Bigastro and the band from the Conservatory in Orihuela.

Technically, the band from Orihuela were excellent but the music was brash and loud with a heavy reliance on percussion. The Bigastro band, on the other hand played a selection which was easier on the ear.

Adrian, the Bigastro band’s director, was more relaxed than he was on Saturday which transmitted to the band who therefore played with more confidence. When you look at the ages of many of the musicians, it is truly remarkable that they are so accomplished.

IMG_9409a IMG_9415a
IMG_9424a IMG_9423a

And what did Pam and I do when we got home? We watched that classic film, “The Third Man” which had been recorded from the other night.

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