Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let it rain

imageIt may not rain as often here in southern Spain as it does in northern Europe but when it does, boy does it rain!

There is not a lot that can wake me up in the middle of the night (apart from Pam poking me because I am snoring) but the rain last night did. At 2am I could hear it lashing down outside the house.

Of course, not having guttering does not help because the rain runs off the roof and hammers on to the paving especially at the inside corners of the roof where there are gullies to take the rain. At those points, the rain rushes down in torrents and shoots out like a waterfall onto the ground below.

Our English neighbours had guttering installed but without surface water drains around the house all the water from their roof races down the downspouts onto their terracing. I’m not sure whether that is better or worse that having it pour off the roof.

One thing I am happy to report is that there is less than half an inch of water in the pool box this morning. Having sealed the two holes that were drilled into the base of the box to drain it, I seem to have stopped most of the rain water from filling up every time we have a downpour. There is obviously still some small point of entry but that is minimal and should not cause a problem with the electrics in the box.

The important thing now is for the weather to settle back to normal before the weekend. Our eldest daughter is coming out to visit us next Monday for eight days. Whilst she does not expect to sunbathe too much and certainly won’t be trying out the pool, she would like to get about during her stay without the need for an umbrella and a waterproof coat.

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