Thursday, March 24, 2011

A great result

The mayor of Bigasto, Raul Valerio Medina has successfully negotiated a new plan with Iberdola to clear last year’s debt for electricity. The council paid 80,000 Euros this week and will pay a further 20,000 Euros each month to pay off the outstanding amount (this will be on top of the normal monthly bill).

Yesterday afternoon, the town hall, the community centre and the auditorium were all reconnected to mains supply so there will be no more flickering lights during performances. The mayor expects the sports centre and the campsite La Pedrera to be reconnected today. 

Now the mayor’s challenge is to face Rosario Bañuls who has taken over from Aurelio Murcia as spokesperson for the opposition PP party. Apparently she continued in the same vein as her predecessor at last night’s meeting when the council voted to legalise the sale of green land in the industrial estate by pointing out that the issue was currently under investigation for a crime against planning.

No doubt Sra Bañuls will be in similar form for tonight’s meeting which was called for by the PP to discuss a range of “outstanding issues”.

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