Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gongs for all

The proposal was made at the council meeting last night to award 10 of the local councillors along with the mayor with the Isignia de Oro, the highest distinction that the council can give, in recognition for the work they have done during this most difficult term of office.

The award will be for all of the councillors from both the PSOE and the PP including those who are currently under investigation for various infringements of planning regulations and Aurelio Murcia who recently resigned his position as spokesperson for the PP.

The meeting also approved the auction of spaces in the multi story parking at La Paz. This building has only been open for one week since it was completed over a year ago. You may recall that the cost of the building overran by 800,000 Euros which the council could not pay so the constructor refused to hand it over.

They also plan to auction off 62 parking spaces in the basement of the Auditorium to re pay the loan from the Cajamurcia bank.

Parking in the centre of the town is at a premium so the council expect a demand from both residents and local businesses. The price per parking space will be between 10 and 12 thousand Euros.

The council must now look into the legality of auctioning the parking spaces.

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