Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Bigastro was picked on

As you already know, Iberdrola restored power to the municipal buildings in Bigastro last week after the town made a payment of 80,000 Euros and promised to pay 20,000 Euros off its debt each month.

Reflecting on the situation, the mayor of Bigastro asks why this town was singled out to have its electricity cut when it owed 280,000 Euros and cited the example of Torrevieja which he said has a debt of 1.3 million Euros to the same company. Raúl Valerio Medina Lorente claimed that Iberdrola showed its political bias by acting differently towards socialist and conservative led towns.

However, as the Councillor for Finance in Torrevieja, Joaquín Albaladejo pointed out on SER radio, Torrevieja accumulated its debt because of the increased price of electricity which had not been budgeted for. He went on to explain that, unlike Bigastro, Torrevieja had stuck to its payment plan and added that suggesting Iberdorla had shown political bias was just a way for he Socialist Party to cover up for its disastrous management.

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