Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st reminder

Don’t forget to go and vote this Sunday!

By now you should have had your notification about where you go to place your vote. Pam and I will be voting at Table C in the Council Chamber at the rear of the town hall.

To vote you need to take:

  • some form of photographic identification along with you i.e. passport, driver’s licence or residencia card.
  • the voting card you got in the post a few weeks ago

Inside the polling station there will be a table piled high with voting slips for each of the three parties. Each voting slip will have the particular party logo on it and a list of their candidates in order. You need to select the appropriate slip for the party you are voting for - PSOE (socialists), PP (conservatives) or UNPLC (centre right wing liberals).

It is very important not to mark the voting slip because a marked slip is a spoiled vote. Remember you are voting for the party of your choice and not any particular candidate.

Once you have the right slip, place it in one the white envelopes provided, take it to the desk, show your identification and your electoral card, get checked off the list and then place your envelope into the ballot box. That is it!

NB Spain has proportional representation so each of the parties will gain seats on the council in proportion to the number of votes they obtain. Bigastro Town Council has 13 seats to be filled. So for example, if the UNPLC were to get 6/13ths (46%) of the votes cast, then the first 6 candidates on their list would be elected as councillors.

The party with the most votes cast for them will have the candidate at the top of their list elected as Mayor i.e. RAUL VALERIO MEDINA LORENTE (PSOE), M ª DEL ROSARIO RODRIGUEZ BAÑULS (PP) or AURELIO MURCIA RODRIGUEZ (UNPLC).

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