Thursday, May 19, 2011

Damn – that didn’t work!

IMG_0848We have a problem with the cheeky little sparrows that have taken a liking to the air conditioning unit outside the back door to our house.

I first spotted them flying around the box about a month ago. At that time they were going behind the unit and were either planning to build a nest there or were pecking at the insulation on the pipes to line a nest elsewhere. I filled the gaps around the unit with plastic netting to stop them but that has not worked.

One of our neighbours told us that you could buy these plastic birds in Carrefour. He said that others had used them to stop birds perching on the window grills. So we bought a few of them which I have suspended from the unit.

I can tell you now that they do not work. The evidence is there on the tiles that cheeky sparrows have been back and ignored the plastic birds. The biggest problem now is that we don’t know where they are perching because they don’t appear during the daytime. When we went to bed last night the paving was clean so they must have been there early this morning.

Does anyone have a sparrow hawk?

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