Saturday, May 21, 2011

It will be quiet today

Yesterday, we had a convoy of cars touring around the estate broadcasting messages from the various political parties. It sounded like a cavalcade of ice cream vans touting for our business on a warm Spring day. Today, peace will return because by law campaigning must cease on the day before the election takes place.

For the electorate, today is a day to carefully weight up the pros and cons of the programmes that the parties have put forward and decide who we are going to vote for. For the parties it is a time to consider how things might go tomorrow when we go down to vote.

Monday will be a time for reflection for the parties, a period when they will either revel in their success or ponder why they failed to capture the votes they needed. There will be winners and losers, familiar faces from the current mandate will be gone and new faces will appear.

Our hope is that the new council will continue the hard work of the previous council to make the town a better place for us all to live. That is the promise they have all made, I hope they can pull it off!

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