Friday, May 27, 2011

No decision has been made yet

Apart from the possibility of the socialists governing as a minority under a non aggression pact with the other two parties, there are three options open for Bigastro: the PP join with the Socialists, the new Liberal Centrist party works together with the Socialists or the PP and Liberals form a pact. Both the PP and the Liberal Centrists say they are keen to end socialist rule in the town but to do so they have to come to an agreement.

The problem is that the members of the PP have been divided into three factions. First we have Charo Bañuls and the councillors managed by the provincial leadership, then then we have the local president, José Antonio Ricart, the Secretary General, Jose Manuel Sanchez and most of the local board and finally, the members of the party remaining loyal to the controversial style of Aurelio Murcia.

In her first appearance on television since the elections, Charo Bañuls along with the local coordinator, held a press conference yesterday to make the situation clear. As far as she is concerned, the only people authorized to negotiate a pact with the Centrist Liberal People's Union are the members of the candidature supported by the provincial leadership. In other words she will not countenance any back room deals made in smoke filled corridors.

There is still a lot of talking to take place before this matter is finally settled.

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