Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It may be the calm before the storm

The situation at the town hall in Bigastro is still not clear. The Socialist party say they only required 29 more votes to get the seventh councillor that they needed to maintain their majority*. Although there were null votes which need to be reviewed by the Electoral Board, the acting mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina is not pinning any hopes on them changing the outcome.

In order for the Socialist to continue governing with an absolute majority, they would need to form a pact with either of the other two parties. For the moment, the acting mayor is happy to govern in minority but as he says, there are issues which legally require the council to make majority decisions.

The permutations are these: the PSOE and PP form a pact which would give them 11 seats, the PSOE and the UNPLC form a pact which would give them 8 seats or the PP and UNPLC form a pact which would give them 7 seats.

Of those three, I would think that the most likely combination would be the PP and the UNPLC. The stumbling block though may be the decision as to who would become mayor. As strange as it may seem to we Brits, It is perfectly possible that the new mayor of Bigastro could come from the party that won the least number of votes.

There is obviously a lot of talking still left to be done.

* I may have misread that or my maths may be wrong but by my reckoning, the Socialists would have needed another 317 votes to get the 53.85% required to gain 7 out of the 13 seats. If I am right, they only just squeezed enough votes to get 6 seats.

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