Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who is missing from this photo?

imageYesterday, the candidates for the major's position in Bigastro held a debate on Radio Cadena SER.

Notice that there were only two candidates present at the radio station, Raúl Valerio Medina (PSOE) and Aurelio Murcia (UNPLC). So where was Charo Bañuls (PP)?

As I said the other day, we have had information from both the PSOE and UNPLC but nothing so far from the PP who are the only opposition party in the present mandate.

Even a copy in Spanish of their programme would be better than nothing. We’d have to pick our way through it with a dictionary at hand but at least then we could make a reasoned judgement about who to vote for. As it stands, our only options are to vote for the PSOE or the UNPLC.

We know that we are very much in the minority but as both Raúl and Aurelio have said, the council represents everyone not just the Spanish majority. Charo, you have only two days left to make contact with us.

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