Friday, June 15, 2012

Common ground

My son-in-law was so impressed by seeing the two photographers at work during his wedding that he has decided that photography might be a good hobby for him.

With a beautiful wife and a delightful daughter as subjects, it seems to me a great idea. Added to which, Dave is a very creative person with excellent drawing and compositional skills. I am certain, given a decent camera, he will soon surpass me with the quality of his pictures.

What camera to buy though

Dave already has a half decent camera with a Leica lens but then it is a compact with the inevitable tiny sensor that these cameras come with. In bright light it works fine but in poor light the pictures are noisy.  The other problem with compacts is that it is near impossible to apply what is called "differential focussing"- that is where the main subject is in focus and the background blurred or vice versa. I know Dave likes this effect on my photos and those from the professionals at his wedding.

What I reckon Dave needs is a camera with a larger sensor and so I have suggested he treats himself to an entry level DSLR (digital single lens reflex). My recommendation to him is the Nikon D3100 which might seem strange coming from a Canon shooter but the truth is the entry level Nikon is marginally better than the similar offering from Canon.

It would be good if Dave does decide to invest in a good camera for three reasons:
1. We'd have a constant supply of great photos of Molly to enjoy.
2. He and I would have a rewarding hobby in common.
3. I'd know exactly what to buy him for Christmas and birthdays.

PS Let's face it, a camera such as I have suggested will cost Dave less than the bride's shoes for the wedding did:-)

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Pete said...

That Nikon looks like a good recommendation. I was asked a similar question recently and we reached similar conclusions. That said...the differences are very small so the compelling factor might be which brand he can most easily borrow kit for!