Thursday, June 14, 2012

Normal service to return soon

I got home to find the battery on my UPS had finally given up the ghost. To be fair, the lead acid battery in these devices are only rated for 3 years and I have had this one for 5. I should have ordered a replacement before but I didn't. One is now on its way so the battery back up system should be functional again real soon.

In the meantime though, I am wary about using my desktop PC because if we have one of those little power cuts that seem to happen at random, my computer will just shut down immediately. If that happens, there could be dire consequences - Windows doesn't like being terminated abruptly but worse still an untimely cut in power could cause the hard drives in my computer to crash.

So, for the moment I am working on my Apple MacBook Pro where I have limited access to data. For example I need to update the website for my friends Chris and Linda but that is all stored on my desktop and so will have to wait awhile.

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